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Each product, whether it be a plate, clock or cup and saucer, always starts in the design stage.

Creativity, talent, precision and expertise are the ingredients with which the designs are created. Given our international clientele, our design department is also international.Ideas and inspiration exceed all boundaries. An exceptional asset, from which you as a customer can only benefit... 

Currently some 40 designers are at work on a daily basis to give shape to all drawings, portraits and new products.

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We are proud that each of our products is hand made and hand finished.

Not mass produced by machine, but with attention to the individual piece. With a passion for glass and porcelain, baked in the kilns we built ourselves. At a high temperature, that is what creation is all about!

Quality products, greatly appreciated by our customers, have been created in our workshops for more than 25 years. That is especially true for our limited editions.

Our production is also distributed internationally, enabling us to offer quality products at the best conditions.

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Our entire organisation is based on the principle of design and production direct to the customer. Without intermediaries, without middlemen, allowing us to offer our customers the keenest prices. To this end, we distribute our brochures in all countries in which we are active.

In order to make smooth communication possible, over the course of the years we have developed our own printing facility, responsible for the pre-press, the printing of the documentation and the preparation of shipments.

A true challenge if you know that we communicate in 12 different languages!

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